Awards, Pictures, and Sleeping

This is one long post of randomness and fun… you have been warned!

Recently I have been blessed with two very special awards for this blog! Little awards and a good word from another blogger is like getting warm chocolate cake, gooey and rich and covered in vanilla bean ice cream delivered to me on a Saturday morning in bed (but please, not before 10:30 am!). Needless to say, I’m more than a little excited. =)

My first award is from the incredible Tameri Etherton over at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery. I met this brilliant lady last fall during the 3rd Writers Platform-Building Campaign and became fast friends. Maybe one day we’ll actually get a chance to meet up at a writing conference! But for now our friendship is confined to the interwebs. Still, I love that she’s now a part of my life with her hilarious posts and sweet words. Thank you for this one, Tameri!

Next comes from the formidable Rebekah Loper, blogger and best friend extraordinaire. You can find her at Black and Dark Night. I met her during NaNoWriMo 2010 and it’s been right about a year ago from now that we started becoming close friends and not just writing buddies. It seems like once we started talking we found out in a whirlwind how alike we are. And now we drive ourselves crazy, in a good way. So from Rebekah, comes the next award. Thank you dearie!

Now the Versatile Blogger award states I should give it 15 people and the Kreativ Blogger Award says I should give it to 6 and name 10 facts about myself. Please forgive me but I don’t think I have all that in me! Let’s change it up a bit and do 5 x 5 x 5. I’ll pass along each award to 5 people and give you 5 things about me. Does that work? I hope so!

5 People Who Get the Versatile Blogger Award:

1) The Chipper Muse. Her posts make me giggle, they make me think, and they always make me smile. Whether she’s reviewing a new book, musing about creativity, or wondering how to balance all of the writing challenges she has in life right now (which got me thinking that I should do an evaluation on my self about this “balance” thing as well), her posts are a bright spot in the day.

2) Lynn Biederstadt at Sky Diaries. This wonderful lady blogs about her personal path as a writer in a way that is almost poetic as well as uplifting. I feel like each little story is an intimate vignette into her creative world.

3) Tokyobling’s Blog. I am in love with and forever will be in love with all things Japanese and I’ve been living vicariously every day through this blog since I discovered it a few weeks ago. The photography is amazing and so are the sentiments that go along with it.

4) Hannah Holt at Lightbulb Books. I love her variety of posts on writing, fun and kid-friendly crafts, and more.

5) Rachael Harris at Rach Writes. I’m sure she’s probably received this before, but this is a shout-out of thanks for the wonderful work she does with the Platform Campaigns. I know I’m not alone in saying I really appreciate all the work she’s done for us!

5 People Who Get the Kreativ Blogger Award:

1) Julie Hedlund at Write Up My Life. This fantastic lady started the 12 x 12 in 2012 picture book challenge I am taking part in. Not only is she extremely creative, she’s also very motivated and a joining force for many of us writers floundering around on the internet!

2) C.B. Wentworth. Her posts never cease to keep me interested and I’m always excited when she has something new to say. From her project art journal, to her “wreck this journal” pages, her poetry, and anything else random she decides to share you can’t go wrong dropping by to see what she has to say.

3) Bryna at The Everyday Epic. Her posts are a little bit of everything, but I think she describes her blog and its name best when she says, “Every epic starts with an everyday person willing to go on an adventure. I’m willing to go…” If only more of us were willing to go.

4) Elizabeth Stevens Omlor at Banana Peelin’. This blog is a GREAT pick-me-up on those tough days of being a writer. She likes to remind us of all the crazy and ridiculous things that happen to the best of us (published authors included!) in our writerly lives. Some of these stories are a hoot. At the very least they’ll make you feel better about your own personal mishaps!

5) Jean Marie Bauhaus at Marzipan Pie Plate Bingo. This indie author and real-life friend blogs about writing, crafting, and her work as a freelance graphic and web designer. I admire her work ethic and it seems she and I have a bit in common about our crazy distractions and tendency to overload our to-do lists.

5 Random Facts About Me:

1) I actually enjoy WWE wrestling. Yes, I know it’s fake. But even if the drama and moves aren’t real, the athletic ability is. I actually was at this week’s taping of Friday Night Smackdown. =) Why do I like it? My friends do, the atmosphere is fun, and there’s the occasional hunk of gorgeousness like Randy Orton. Yum…..

2) I really dislike the feel of raw potatoes that have been peeled. The potatoes themselves are fine, but the dry, sticky residue left on my hand after handling them for awhile? It’s like having a bad aftertaste in your mouth… only it’s stuck on your fingers and no amount of washing makes it go away quicker.

3) The ability to predict Oklahoma winter weather cracks me up. We’re super advanced when it comes to springtime severe storms, but winter? This morning the forecast said we had a chance for some light rain, maybe a little winter mix between Sunday night and Monday morning. The 10 o’clock news tonight said we would be getting somewhere between a mix and 3″ of snow. That means by the time the storm gets here we may get absolute nothing, or as much as 8″. Winter weather in Oklahoma is a crap shoot. You’re just along for the ride.

4) I’m a fresh fruit addict. I will gorge myself to the point of illness on cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, and other assorted ambrosia if given the unsupervised opportunity of it. I can easily make an entire meal out of it.

5) I’m a proud member of the Rabid Rainbow Ferrets. (More to come on that later.)

And now on to the Project 365 picture of the week. I’ve been running horribly behind on getting these posted to my Facebook album, but at least I’m managing to post one or two of them here each week.

This week’s is one I love. And I already know the computer is probably going to mutilate the colors of it once it reaches your screen, but when you get used to editing photos on a 40″ LCD TV screen? You tend to forget that… Hopefully it still shows up some.

I actually drove by this little field on the way home after dropping a friend off last weekend. As I drove by I took in the yellows and oranges of the field, the steely blue-gray of the sky, and this perfectly imperfect tree sitting all alone and KNEW I had to get a picture. So I drove the last 4 miles home, loaded up all of my camera equipment, and drove 4 miles back out. The problem? It’s at a rural four-way stop. There’s no place to park and I couldn’t just leave my car on the side of the road. So I ended up parking just a short way down the road in someone’s driveway, strategically hiding my car behind their shed so that just in case they were home they wouldn’t look out their window and see my car and go crazy on me. (I live in Oklahoma. They’d either invite me in to warm up and have sweet tea or they’d pull out a shotgun and chase me across the field.)

I then proceeded to lug a professional-quality tripod and my camera down to the four-way stop, set up, and got some pictures. I then lugged it all back to my car, loaded up the tripod, switched lenses on my camera, and walked back out toward a different position around the field and did some shots without the tripod. I was standing outside a good 15 minutes in 40 degree weather with no jacket of any kind. And everyone driving by me either gave me really weird looks (totally justified) or thumbs up (I really don’t understand that one).

Anyway, the only editing I did was to sharpen the focus just a little and clean up some of the colors. No special editing to make it look extra fancy. Just enough clean up to get what the camera caught back up to snuff with what my eyes saw.

Without further ado…..

February 4th, 2012. Tree in field.

And now on to the actual PROGRESS of the week. This week I did not focus any on creative writing, but then again that was what I set out to do. I made this week my “technical writing” week, meaning I would work only on blogging and freelance work. So what did I accomplish?

1) I wrote 3 blog posts. Not quite as much as I’d planned. I’d planned to schedule ahead, but so far I just have next Monday’s set to go out. Maybe this weekend I can manage that task.

2) I signed up for the 4th Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign and started introducing myself to people, checking out their blogs, and setting up Google Reader to follow them. (HELLO FELLOW CAMPAIGNERS!) This weekend I hope to catch up on reading, check for any new sign-ups in the groups I joined, and respond to comments.

3) I started writing for Yahoo! again. This is something I did a lot of last summer. I even had a few featured articles. (Sending another thank you in this post to Rebekah because she’s the one that introduced me to Yahoo freelance work.) But then I got busy and the site was going through so many changes that I decided to let it go for awhile. This week was my first week back in 6 months. So far I’ve published 3 articles and one of them is currently the top featured article for the news section of Yahoo! Voices! I’m so excited!! (If you want to check out that news article, go here.)

I won’t bore all of you with all of the articles I publish, though I may occasionally share exciting news from the site (like getting featured) or a special writing-related article like the one I published this week: Creative Writing Contests: Know Your Rights. By the end of this weekend I hope to have a new tab up on the blog for these articles on writing, so you’ll have a one-stop place to go if you ever want to snoop around. And if you just feel like snooping in general, here’s my profile.

Goals for Next Week:

– Get ahead in blog posts (with the exception of my Friday posts which are always written Thursday Night or Friday Morning).

– Write and submit 1-2 new articles for Yahoo.

– Begin final edits on my picture book manuscript and the next round of edits on a short story.

– Finish reading the 3rd Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book.

– Write the 2 guest posts I’ve promised other blogs.

– Keep up with the Platform-Building Campaign.

– Start a new project! Must be creative writing and not blogging or freelance work.

What are YOUR goals for the next week?

8 thoughts on “Awards, Pictures, and Sleeping

  1. You have been quite busy this week indeed! Thank you for the honor of the Kreativ Blogger award. You have some of my favorite bloggers on your two lists.

    I can’t wait to hear what the Rabid Rainbow Ferrets is all about! :-)

    • I’m trying to stay busy with my writing projects! I like the feeling of progress. =)

      I’m very happy to give you that award for all the wonderful things you are doing. And hopefully the Rabid Rainbow Ferrets post will be coming soon….

  2. Congrats on the awards! Can’t wait to hear what the Rabid Rainbow Ferrets is all about (didn’t you tease us about this sometime ago?). Must know now!

    Your facts are great – potatoes? Really? Too funny.

    Have a super fab week and maybe slow down a bit ~ you’re making the rest of us look like slackers (again). ;)

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