Status: Avengers… ASSEMBLE!

(Stay tuned til the end of the post for Avengers pics!)

It’s Saturday! What a week it has been and what a week the next one will be too.

On the writing front I sent off 3 of my poems to the Nimrod contest on Monday. This year I finally get to go to the conference in October, so I’m greatly looking forward to it! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to place as well. I’m currently finalizing my entries to Writer’s Digest. I missed the early bird deadline, but that’s okay. I’ll make it in before it shuts down for this year. (I enter Writer’s Digest yearly now. In 2010 I made 98th place and in 2011 I made it to 18th. Even if I’m still not in the top 10 this year, hopefully I’ll be ranked in the top 100 again!)

On the house front we finished our 3rd and final reinspection. The not-so-brilliant seller of the house we are buying left a gas leak by the hot water tank and every time he said he fixed it we would find out he’d made another one. I can’t wait to stop dealing with this man. Just a few more days! Unless something unexpected happens, we’re closing on Tuesday!!

That means this upcoming week is going to be hectic. In no particular order:

1) I need to contact the gas, water, electric, and trash companies to set up accounts.
2) I need to get our internet provider to transfer our account.
3) I need to get our new television provider to set up an account and install the boxes in our home.
4) I need to get the house sprayed and fogged for bugs. (Last time I was in the house my husband noticed I was leaning next to a spider. I looked. He was a brown recluse.)
5) And I need to do some initial cleaning of cabinets in the kitchen as well as a general dusting/vacuuming of the house.

In addition to this I need to finish packing the house (of which most is still unpacked), call the lawn people to come destroy the waist-high field of a yard, somehow figure out how to afford a new lawnmower, also figure out how quickly we can get appliances (of which we have some, but all need replacing soonish), and more.

Did I mention we’re moving the 14th?


We have the apartment until the 28th of this month, so if a few unnecessary items don’t get packed in time for the initial move, we can get them after. But all the furniture and most of the other stuff moves the 14th. Good thing we’re only moving about 2 miles from where we are now. Otherwise I might pull my hair out.

So the excitement is currently stress. Ask me again toward the end of this month when I’m happily bounding around my new home and setting things up. (While making lists too. Lots of lists. So many projects on that list already. If a magical money fairy gave me an interest-free gift of about $5,000 I think I’d faint from delight. But for now, I’ll continue to be my frugal self.)

So writing, house… what else? THE AVENGERS.

Me dressed as Black Widow for The Avengers

Oh yeah… best we could tell I was the only female Black Widow at the premiere we went to. I definitely had some stop-and-stares, which we’ll call a confidence booster for sure. =) The group I was with was constantly bombarded for photo requests, even when we were separated from the pack as a whole. One of their photos even made it onto the Avengers and Marvel twitter accounts. How cool is that?

Avengers Assembled!
Black Widow, Tony Stark, Captain America, The Hulk, Nick Fury, Thor, and Loki

My husband is the incredibly awesome Tony Stark standing next to me. Thor was actually the best man at our wedding. The rest are other assorted friends. And if you’re wondering where Hawkeye is, well, he’s in the hawk’s nest. Be careful of arrows.

By the way the shield? 100% real and hand-painted. You won’t find that baby in stores. It’s the second time we’ve had it out at a premiere. (First was the Captain America premiere.) I never cease to be entertained when someone thinks it’s a plastic one from the store and I get to see the look on their face as they hear the tink-tink of metal when we tap on it.

What did YOU do with your week?

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12 thoughts on “Status: Avengers… ASSEMBLE!

  1. Your husband is the brown recluse? ;) hehe! J/K Glad to hear you’re finally closing on the house and will be moving post haste.

    I can see why people stopped to take photographs of you and your group. You guys look fantastic! I bet it was you who drew their attention, though. Admit it. You look totally hot in the outfit. >;)

  2. I absolutely LOVE those photos. You guys look fantastic! (I am determined to go see The Avengers within the week. Because it looks so much fun.)

    Good luck with all the house stuff! Yes, it will be crazy and stressful and all of that. And after you’re done, you’ll swear that you’re never moving again.

    And then after a few weeks, you’ll sit down in the kitchen or the living room, look around, and realize…”Holy crap, this place is OURS.”

    And that’s when it’s all worth it. :-)

    As for my weekend, the OWFI conference has been great fun, and I really hope we get to go again next year.

    • Thanks! That’s probably what is going to happen to us. Although hanging out at Lowe’s and buying new locks (then going to the house and installing them today) helped make it realish. Or at least enough that it stopped seeming like a complete dream even if it still feels surreal. =)

  3. You guys look awesome! That’s so fun that you dress up for premieres. And by the way, WOW! You make a fabulous Black Widow. I still think the costume would be uncomfortable, but I’m claustrophobic and that’s too much fabric for me. :)

    Good luck with the house and the move. If that gas thing gets figured out, you’re golden! Don’t stress the move or the other stuff. It’ll all come together. Deep breaths, my friend.

    Also good luck with the contests. That would be great if you won all of them!

    • We love dressing up when we can, glad you enjoyed the pics! And thanks for the contest well wishes. I’d love to win them all, but I’d settle for just placing in one or two! =)

  4. looks like you guys had a fantastic time at the premiere, we’re going to have to wait until the crowds die down a bit, but still can’t wait to go. i can’t believe how much you’ve managed to do with your writing while you’re getting ready to move! that would have me stressed out completely – although writing might actually be a nice break from the constant moving issues. good luck with the move!

    • I haven’t done a lot of writing in the middle of the house fiasco, but got to keep up with it at least a little! I think you guys will have a blast at Avengers. Fantastic movie. =)

    • Because Clay is off on Monday and we have to do it on a day he’s off. And a lot of our friends are already off / can get off for Monday. You could come help after work! hehe It’ll be an all-day affair!

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