Yes, I’m a KissMe

It probably sounds like I’ve been listening in on the K-Pop scene forever, but that’s not true. (Sadly.) It’s only been very recently that I’ve begun to immerse myself in K-Pop and really start to learn and enjoy the Korean language. I never had anything against it before, but I’m a die-hard lover to all things Japanese and so for a very long time I paid little attention to anything outside of the country.

In fact, although I heard about K-Pop all the time and knew many of the band names, I never actually listened to them until I first heard U-Kiss’s song “Tick Tack” (read it like ‘tick tock’ on a clock). This song is in Japanese, but the boys themselves are from South Korea. “Tick Tack” was one of their first big promotional songs from their first full Japanese album. After listening to it I was hooked and I set out to find more about the band. That’s when I discovered they were Korean. I was so in love with Kevin, Eli, Dongho, Hoon, A.J., Soohyun, and Kiseop that I wanted to listen to them no matter what language they sang in. And so began my intense love of K-Pop. (It really is as different from J-Pop as I’d heard, but I still love both.)

So while I continue to discover new bands and artists, both those that have been on the scene for years (like Big Bang and Beast) and those that really are brand new this year (like Nu’est and Exo), I will always be a KissMe first and foremost.

From left to right…
Top: AJ, Kiseop, Dongho, Soohyun, Hoon
Bottom: Eli, Kevin
Professional Image

So although the song is in Japanese, here is the very first song that sold me on K-Pop! Please enjoy “Tick Tack” by U-Kiss… and maybe you’ll become a KissMe too.

(I love how this is the strong K-Pop sound I’ve come to adore, but I get the warm fuzzies from hearing it sung in Japanese, the language of my heart.)

The subs for this video are Malaysian. Currently this is the only copy of the full video I can find.

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2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a KissMe

  1. Again, they are all just too pretty. Are they singing in English as well? I keep thinking I recognize some of the words. Maybe I’m just learning Japanese from all these cool bands you are introducing me to! ;)

    • There are parts in English, so you aren’t going crazy. Most songs I’ve heard from the K-pop genre have at least a word or two of English in them, sometimes the entire chorus or rap will be done in English too. So if you think you’re hearing it, you probably are!

      Occasionally you might hear things you think are English but aren’t however. This song is a good example. It sounds like Eli says “Don’t cry” twice around the 2:24 mark in the video. He actually says “Don’t cry. Dono kurai…” Sometimes they will stack sound-alikes into the songs. =)

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