#WriteMotivation Check-In … Points & Progress

Did you know that point-earning websites are addicting? Seeing the points slowly accumulate is currently my fix when bored on the internet. It’s also the way I’m saving for the netbook I want because with all of the new home expenses we have I certainly don’t have the extra out-of-pocket. But I’ll get there!

So here’s my quick, shameless plug. (If you are interested in ways to earn easy points toward free stuff too anyway.) I get extra points if you use this link to sign up!

*turns on excited advertising voice* You can join SwagBucks where earning points are as easy as using their search engine instead of others like Google or Yahoo! *ends commercial*

EDIT: So I just found out that if I try to put my referral link for SwagBucks up, WordPress replaces the link with their own. So if you would like to join SwagBucks and use my referral, please leave me a comment with your email and I will send you the link personally. Thanks!

On to the writing portion of the post now… Goals are not doing too bad, all things considered this month. I should achieve at least one of them and most likely two. Achieving all three is still a bit up in the air however.

May Goals

1) Complete first drafts for 5 new poems.

No complete drafts yet, but in the freewriting stages for 3 different pieces right now.

2) Create a detailed plan for the next 3 months (through the beginning of August) of contests and open submissions I want to participate in.

Have copied information on all of the contests/submissions I’m interested in. Now to write out the actual plan for them and whether or not I’m using existing work or writing new.

3) Schedule muse posts and book reviews for the blog through the end of June.

Not yet. Still haven’t even started, to be honest. Book reviews are going to be the tough one. I should also update this goal to say scheduling all Korean Keumyoil posts as well. 

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2 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation Check-In … Points & Progress

  1. You totally got this! And I’m not sure where you’re at with novel-like plans, but Brenda Drake is a good one to watch. She loves to have contests, generally with agents involved.

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