#WriteMotivation Wrap-Up & The Beginning of Camp NaNo

So #WriteMotivation has ended yet again and while I did not quite reach my goals yet again, I certainly did a better job of them than I did last time!

May Goals

1) Complete first drafts for 5 new poems.

Between moving and having family come again, I never got past the freewriting stage for 3 different pieces. But that in itself is excellent progress. Sometimes freewriting for me lasts only a day, sometimes it can last a couple of months or more.

2) Create a detailed plan for the next 3 months (through the beginning of August) of contests and open submissions I want to participate in.

Did this! Complete! I have an orchestrated plan of attack through the end of August actually. I’m sure I’ll find other things along the way, but if I can just enter the ones on my radar now I’ll already be thrilled. Entered the first of them already!

3) Schedule muse posts and book reviews for the blog through the end of June.

This did not get complete. I did get things partially scheduled and that I’m certainly happy with.

So on to Camp NaNoWriMo!

No, I’m not doing the 50,000 word dash. I save that for November. I only have that in me for one month out of every year.

But I will use Camp NaNo as a goal-setter much like I do #WriteMotivation.

So that being said my goal for Camp NaNo in June is to complete 10 first drafts of new poems. If that’s my ONLY goal for the month, I do believe I can reach it. And with all of the contests and submissions I’m wanting to send work to, I need to really start working hard!

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