I’m Not a Monster

Couldn’t wait to fit this one in on a Friday. Just released 5 days ago, here is the new song from BigBang, “Monster”. I’ve been watching this one quite a lot. The producers really backed off on some of the auto-tune this time, so we get a chance to hear their voices better. (Especially T.O.P.’s who, for some reason, gets overly auto-tuned all the time even though he really doesn’t need it.)

The first part of the song with G-Dragon and T.O.P. pretty much melts me. Their voices do so well together! Not to mention just take a look at the boys’ fashion and make-up for the video. *jaw drop* Please excuse me while I lower my blood pressure…

G-Dragon from the Monster MV
Professional Image

T.O.P. from the Monster MV
Professional Image

While the song can sound a little generic (there’s no big surprises or twists this time), the voices of all the boys are beautifully woven together and once again I’m impressed. Not to mention the video! After this and Fantastic Baby, I can hardly wait to see what will come out next.

If shaky cameras bother you, start this video at 30 seconds. You won’t miss any of the song.

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