#WriteMotivation in September

So even though I certainly signed up on time for this one, I’m running terribly behind on actually posting about it! I’ve decided to sign up for #WriteMotivation again in an attempt to tackle both some need-to and some want-to writing goals before the insanity of the Ozark Conference, NaNo prep, and NaNo itself sets in.

My goals this time around are:

1) Complete 5 poems.

2) Read 3 novels I haven’t read yet.

3) Get at least 1/3 of the remainder of the first Forbidden novel outlined in preparation for NaNo.

Let’s see if I can actually reach them! I’ve yet to hit any set of #WriteMotivation goals, but they’ve always helped me be productive and that, I guess, is the real key.

Speaking of #WriteMotivation people… I got to meet some of them at our Wichita meet-up in August. The very kind K.T. Hanna let us invade her home and play with her corgis for a day. (And since I’m a corgi lover too, I was quite happy.)

TheBarenakedCritic got along well with the corgis too.

Good food and good friends was had all around, and I look forward to our next gathering. I never thought I’d have so many circles of wonderful writing friends! I’m very happy to say that I do now!

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7 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation in September

  1. Sounds like a good time!!! :)

    I am so excited!! I have changed jobs and am now working at a different school with a different group of kids. The middle schoolers I worked with before were all intellectually disabled so they didn’t write much, but the group I have now have emotional and behavioral disorders, but are academically normal, I have a few that are even gifted and so I am now getting to really teach writing. We are starting a poetry unit next week, beginning with “The Raven.” It made me think of you for some reason.

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