What If You Only Had 49 Days?

No really. What if?

What if we all had a predetermined time and date of death, but something messed that up? What if you died before the time you were supposed to?

That’s the idea that this K-drama runs with.

Main cast from 49 Days
Professional Image

In 49 Days, everyone has a predetermined date of death and there are schedulers who retrieve the souls and send them on their way to the afterlife. But sometimes that goes askew. Song Yi Kyung has decided to end her life and she makes her attempt by walking out into busy traffic. She is rescued at the last moment, but her actions cause a pile-up of cars and one young girl by the name of Shin Ji Hyun is severely injured in the accident. Her body now lies in a coma in the hospital.

But Ji Hyun wasn’t supposed to die yet, and that’s why her body is holding on. The scheduler sent to her (played by Jung Il Woo) explains that she has been given 49 days to find her way back to the living. To do so she is allowed to use another’s body while that person would normally be asleep, but she is never allowed to reveal who she really is. If 3 people from her life will shed a genuine tear of love and remorse (immediate family members not included), then she will return to her body and continue to live. If not, well, that’s the end.

So who does Ji Hyun switch bodies with? Yi Kyung, the very girl who inadvertently placed her in this situation. (Though of course Ji Hyun doesn’t figure that out at first.)

Ji Hyun had every happiness she could imagine: she was about to be married, had two very dear friends and multiple other acquaintances, plenty of money, a loving family… but when she falls into a coma and begins to wander the earth as a spirit (both in and out of Yi Kyung’s body), she’ll soon find out what part of her life had been real, and the truth may be an even worse shock than the threat of death.

This is the first K-drama I’ve seen that did not follow the “K-drama formula” I’ve gotten so used to. Up until the very end I was on edge, guessing, and praying for a different outcome. There are some twists in this one I never saw coming. So if you love the goofy, happy dramas like Boys Before Flowers, this is not for you. But it is very refreshing. The acting is wonderful and the script is beautifully written.

Warning: I cried multiple times throughout this series and spent more than three hours (the last three episodes) sobbing my heart out in loud, messy cries and tears. I’m known to weep a bit, but never like this.

I had a bit of trouble finding a MV to show you guys that did not completely spoil key parts of the plot, but finally I found one I really like. So please watch, enjoy, and if you’re inclined to catch this K-drama, you can find it on Hulu!

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