Super Junior

Super Junior is a band I have usually dismissed in the past. Every time I ran across their music I would listen to 30 seconds and be completely disinterested, flipping to another video or track to see if I could find something else. That was until I found the Mr. Simple album. (Which has quickly made it’s way onto my “next set of Korean CDs to buy” list.)

I love to pull up a favorite video on YouTube and start clicking through the links to find bands and songs I may not have heard before. In fact other than following the Oricon, Gaon, and Korea Billboard charts… that’s typically how I find my music. And I’ll still listen even if I don’t care for the video. It gives me exposure to things I’m not going to hear on the radio here.

I don’t remember what video I was on a couple of weeks ago, but from it I clicked over to Super Junior’s “Opera”, thinking I would give them one more chance. After all, there are bands I only like a handful of songs to so maybe Suju would be one of them.

And yes, at the 1:15 mark I promptly fell for the voice. Apparently that’s pretty common. RyeoWook is the singer at that point and thank goodness he even has a song out there as a solo! That one has been played many times over.

RyeoWook from Super Junior
Professional Image

I’ve since streamed the whole Mr. Simple album and I loved every song. Sadly my favorites were never made into videos, but to give you another taste from the album here is the Mr. Simple video as well. What do you think? Is Super Junior a favorite K-pop band? Or just so-so out there in the market?

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