NaNo 2012: Day One

It’s Day One! *tries not to hyperventilate from fear and excitement*

First thing I did after I got to work, turned everything on, checked for messages, and decided nothing was pressing… was log in to the NaNo regional chat forum. No one was there but Timmy, our special little bot, and can you believe it, but he greeted me in Korean! “Annyong Haseyo” back at you, Timmy! How on earth did he know? Sometimes I don’t think he’s a bot at all. He’s really a psychic stalker to all of us. Don’t believe me? Follow Timmy in your own forum and find out…

I stayed up until midnight (despite better judgement) just to kickoff. I stayed off the chats because those people would have kept me up and I needed sleep to work 9 hours today. I did, however, complete my first 105 words just after midnight, so once at work I dove back in. But boy I can already tell my inner editor is fighting me again… I’ll have to get Miasma to shush.

I’m going to try to keep with the same format for my daily posts this month. A brief blurb about the day at the top. Then, instead of trying to choose an excerpt each day, I will give you the first and last lines I wrote, no matter how awful they may end up being.

As an added challenge I will be trying to use the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the day in my writing as well. I’ll post the sentence that word shows up in too, with the word of the day in bold.

And, as always, the counts. The daily count and the running total. NaNoWriMo is all about the counts. (Well, at least on the surface.) Next stop… 50,000!

First Line of the Day:
Kael surveyed the scene: blood was painted everywhere, on their bodies, the floor, and the walls.

Last Line of the Day:
In the chaos he had completely forgotten to check for it.

Sentence with Word of the Day:
“You know,” Kael sighed, “you have all this great panache and nothing to show for it.”

Daily Words Written:

Total Words Written:

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