WriteMotivation Update 2: February 2014

I have a post up on the RRFS blog today about Poetry and Opinion. Stop by and take a look there!

I may have fallen a bit behind on ‘official’ goals, but the house has seen some significant progress in getting cleaned up and sorted, so I’m certainly not disappointed. Now to try to get a little more on track this week with WriteMotivation while still moving forward on the house! We’ll have been here 2 years in May and I’d LOVE to see this place properly put together (with the exception of various projects that cost money) by then. Here’s hoping! I think it’s certainly possible.

Goal Update!!

1) Write all 5 A-Z posts for RRFS Blog.

Hahahaha. Ha. I haven’t even started this yet.

2) Write half (13) A-Z posts for personal blog.

I have started planning these at least, so it’s a start! Planning is the first hurdle anyway.

3) Finish 2 books.

Still reading the first Night Angel book. Loving it, but I haven’t set aside time to read in the last week.

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9 thoughts on “WriteMotivation Update 2: February 2014

  1. Planning is sometimes one of the BIGGEST hurdles for the A-Z challenge. I applaud you for doing two versions of it; you are a brave, brave soul.

    And congrats on the house progress! That’s awesome. :-)

  2. Getting things done is getting things done. You go! That desire to clean doesn’t come around often enough to ignore it. Sounds like you’re doing amazing.

    • I’m trying to live by the mantra to just do more in the way of cleaning and organizing to my house each week than I do to mess it up. The progress is slow, but I’m starting to notice it is definitely consistent!

  3. You’ve still got time for the A to Z challenge. At least it’s not all 26!! BUT, you’re doing two!! OMG I just couldn’t! I’m doing one, and mostly in line with last year’s theme! The hardest part for me is coming up with the sayings!

    Just remember, progress is progress no matter how small.

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