Uwakimono – Delivering Something Unique


U is for Uwakimono

Despite most of my day-to-day listening consisting of bands primarily from Japan and South Korea, I really do love a wide variety of music. When I was little my favorites were Michael Jackson, Reba McEntire, and Elton John. I eventually grew into thriving on classical music, new age, Gregorian chants, and relaxation. I had my pop era with Britney Spears and the Spice Girls. Then I fell in love with rock, and had favorites ranging from popular rock to screamo to symphonic to metal and more. And you know what? I still love a large variety of music from all of those artists and styles.

No matter what genre, however, I love finding an artist or a song that sticks out to me as something very unique. Something that doesn’t sound like everything else. (Not that I don’t like everything else too.)

Takeru Professional Image

Professional Image

Uwakimono (浮気者) is the new solo project of Takeru from SuG. SuG is fairly diverse in what they bring to the table as a band, and to be honest their music is hit and miss with me. (I highly suggest listening to either mad$hip or sweeToxic if you want a good taste of them.) I really do love Takeru’s voice, however, so I was excited to see what he created when striking off on his own.

What I heard was a pleasant surprise. I heard a rock song that was anything but mainstream. I heard a melody that could only perhaps be called such due to the obvious repetition of notes in expected locations (i.e. chorus), but certainly nothing about it sounded ‘right’. I spent nearly 3 1/2 minutes waiting to sink into a familiar, comfortable chord progression of any kind and instead was left feeling slightly ‘off’ the entire time. In the best possible way.

In addition to that, Takeru pulled in a variety of sounds from classical Japanese music and used them beautifully to weave a song that sounds like no one else. This is anything but your afternoon rock radio. This is Takeru, and the sounds of a Japanese artist with no desire to sound like anyone but himself and his home.

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One thought on “Uwakimono – Delivering Something Unique

  1. Kudos to your mind being so open to different kinds of music! Your video was different. It was interesting watching it. Maybe I’m getting old. More and more I listen to classical and new age. Just looking for relaxing music… lol. Thanks for sharing.

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