Changing It Up

Another Announcement!

Lately I’ve been spending what writing time I have on the blog. That means I’m really not getting any of my creative writing projects done. Because of that this blog is going on hiatus for two weeks. You can expect the next muse post to be up on March 5th.

In the meantime, however, I will still be doing my best to follow my campaigning friends. There may be one or two other special posts along the way, but those aren’t guaranteed. So I’m not completely disappearing. I just need to give myself a couple of weeks to straighten out the blog and really throw myself into working on my own projects. I hope you understand! I’m really not abandoning all of you! Continue reading

Productivity! At Last!

First of all, thank you EVERYONE for the very kind words you left me on last Friday’s post. You gave me a lot of inspiration to pull myself together and start taking little steps toward better productivity. I know it’s only the first week of trying to be more focused (and it’s always easier to be more determined about something when it’s new, isn’t it?), but so far, so good!

This week has been a good week to me and although I have watched plenty of exceedingly adorable sloth videos, I have not been completely sloth-like in my work habits. And throw on top of that the fact that I missed a day and a half of work from being sick (and thus was not productive at home either), and I’ll say things are going quite swimmingly! (As long as I don’t have to swim home from work today due to all the rain we are having.)

So first up… I did not get a picture book manuscript complete for January for the 12 x 12 challenge. BUT… I’m determined to complete one in February and I’m already armed with the idea that will get me there. Now it’s just time for butt-in-chair work. I see some of that in the very near future.

But instead of focusing on what did not get done this last week, let’s look at what did. Continue reading

Friday Update: 40 minutes

Well it’s better than last week, right? *remembers last week when the only writing that got done was blog posts and grocery lists*

Unlike last week, however, I spent most of my week with friends or furiously cleaning house rather than just being outright lazy or moody. It’s been another productive week in everything but writing. Thankfully tomorrow is our monthly write-in with fellow members of our regional NaNoWriMo group! If I don’t get much done at the write-in (because let’s face it, sometimes catching up with your fellow writers takes over) it will at least stir the creative spirit and maybe get it going again.

I still don’t lack for ideas. I don’t even think I’m allowed to say I lack time anymore. No, I think I lack for work ethic.  Continue reading

Friday Update: Nature Photography

This week has been very productive on the work front and decently so on the home front… but the writing front has been completely ignored. I suppose that happens sometimes. I sincerely hope to set aside some time this weekend for a few projects. I don’t lack for any ideas, just time!

Since I have nothing new and exciting to tell you about in my writing world, I’ll share with you TWO photos from the past week’s Project 365 instead of just one. Continue reading