Hello SHINee!

Since last week was a bit sad, it’s time to overload the blog with cuteness today. Better than puppies and kittens cuteness.

SHINee is another band I’ve come to love that has a very unique sound. Just like U-Kiss and Big Bang, no one else has voices quite like them if you really pay attention. In a world of pop where it’s easy to blend in, having something stand-out about you serves only to make you more memorable. And at the first sound of Onew’s voice I was hooked! Then Jonghyun sang. Then Taemin smiled… well, you can see a trend here.

Professional Image

So to start off your June with a dose of happy better than any spoonful-of-sugar I’ve ever seen, try watching SHINee’s music video for “Hello” and NOT smiling. I dare you.

This time I’m including a video with English subtitles because the lyrics to this song really up the level of adorable. Why didn’t our American boy bands ever sing anything remotely this sweet? That’s what I want to know.

Once again, the Koreans win. And as usual, I’m okay with that. Enjoy!

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