#WriteMotivation Goal Check-In!

It’s Monday and therefore time to look at the goals….. *gulp*

1) Complete 5 poems.

Umm… I haven’t been writing this past week and a half. At all. Hoping to turn that around this week!

2) Read 3 novels I haven’t read yet.

Progress! I just finished Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin. AMAZING book! I will be posting a review on that one soon.

3) Get at least 1/3 of the remainder of the first Forbidden novel outlined in preparation for NaNo.

Again, no writing. Though the goal is to reread the current 65,000 words this week for sure, and in the process of reading mark down all events I currently have (even the ones that will get cut in the next draft). If I can get that much done this week, then surely I can meet this goal next week.

How are your goals faring?

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One thought on “#WriteMotivation Goal Check-In!

  1. I admire your book reading progress. I have been sort of slacking in that department. Partly, because nothing seems interesting to me at the moment. Which means it might be time to re-read the Harry Potter series. =)

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