For the Near Future…

I should probably stop self-imposing deadlines. Right now I never have any idea if I can make them. Every day is a new day and sometimes I have the energy to take it head on, while other times getting out of bed and existing is an accomplishment.

I have the last bit of my trip to share with all of you, plus many other things in writing, reading, music, and more. For the near future my updating schedule will mostly likely be sporadic. On good days I will try to write multiple posts and schedule ahead to offset the bad days. I also promise to do my best to post at least once a week.

Rest assured that I haven’t gone anywhere, have no intentions of going anywhere, and I will do my best, as I can, to be a frequent blogger in your life again!

Don’t forget to leave me comment love from time to time. It gives me smiles…


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2 thoughts on “For the Near Future…

  1. Aww. Yeah, I get the whole deadline thing. Some deadlines are good, but… I find that I tend to make too many, and feel bad when I can’t meet them. Just do what you can, I suppose. We’ll be here! :D

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