Writing Poetic: Finding Resonance

(Status update: Well, this was partially written for posting on Thursday, but then I got sick. Today’s the first day I feel almost decent again. Hope all of you had a better weekend than I did! Then again, laying around and doing absolutely nothing for awhile might have been a good reset for me.)

This is part 2 of 4 in my April poetry series for National Poetry Month! Check in next Tuesday for part 3, and if you missed part 1, you can find it here: What’s in a name?

The writing we love the best is the writing that resonates with us. It might be the message we hold dear. Or perhaps it’s a character that reminds us of ourselves or an old friend. Maybe it’s something about the world in which the writing is set. We all have our own reasons for reading whatever it is that we read.

Reading Poetry by DA artist Valentin-Stanciu

Last week we talked about getting past the stigma that a poet is different from any other writer who chooses to work in a certain genre or style. This week the challenge is to find poetry that resonates with you. The key to enjoying poetry, or anything else for that matter, is finding something about it that you love, that speaks to you and entices you in.

In the spirit of the challenge I want to share with you two of my favorite poems. These were written by different people, but have always felt to me that they were two halves to a whole. Both of these poems read easy for me and I love the playful sound of their banter. Continue reading